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Data Logger

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Click Image for DetailsManufacturerPrinter ModelPrint MethodPrint SpeedPaper Width mmResolution (dots/inch)Max Roll Diam mmPaper ThicknessInterfacesOperating TempDriverSize (W x D x H) mmDatasheet Link
SNBCSAM4s-Ellix20iiVDirect Thermal220 mm/sec58180 dpi83.06 mmSerial, Parallel, USB, Ethernet-5°C to +45°CWindows, OPOS145 x 140 x 200Datasheet
WoosimWSP-DT280Direct Thermal80 mm/sec57203 dpi80.061 mmUART, RS-485, USB-10°C to +50°CWin XP, WinCE, Vista, 7, Linux, Android OS95 x 185.9 x 107.1Datasheet
WoosimPORTI-KT40Direct Thermal80 mm/sec57203 dpi40.06 mmUART, RS-485-10°C to +50°CWin XP, WinCE, Vista, 7, Linux, Android OS75 x 103 x 44.3Datasheet
WoosimPORTI-PC40Direct Thermal80 mm/sec57203 dpi40.06 mmUART (RS-232 or TTL)-10°C to +50°CWin XP, WinCE, Vista, 7, Linux, Android OS105 x 80.4 x 45.7Datasheet
WoosimPORTI-ST30Direct Thermal80 mm/sec57203 dpi40.06 mmUART, RS-486-10°C to +50°CWin XP, WinCE, Vista, 7, Linux, Android OS75 x 95 x 35Datasheet
WoosimTS1000Direct Thermal50 mm/sec57203 dpi29.06 mmRS-232, TTL-10°C to +40°CNA77 x 135 x 34.8Datasheet
WoosimM-StationDirect Thermal50 mm/sec57203 dpi50.06 mmRS-232C, IrDA-10°C to +50°CNA178 x 145 x 35Datasheet
WoosimCK30Direct Thermal50 mm/sec57203 dpi50.06 mmNA0°C to +40°CNA80 x 160 x 42Datasheet