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Click Image for DetailsManufacturerPrinter ModelPrint MethodPrint SpeedPaper Width mmResolution (dots/inch)Max Roll Diam mmPaper ThicknessInterfacesOperating TempDriverSize (W x D x H) mmDatasheet Link
CustomMY-3Direct Thermal75 mm/sec79203 dpi45.06 to .1 mmUSB, Bluetooth-15°C to +55°CWin XP,Vista, 7, WinCE, Linux, Android OS105 x 135 x 61Datasheet
WoosimPORTI-SW40Direct Thermal60 mm/sec80203 dpi38.06 mmSerial, IrDA Ver1.0, Bluetooth-10°C to +40°CWin XP,Vista, 7, WinCE, Linux, Android OS107.5 x 88.5 x 45Datasheet
WoosimPORTI-SWC40Direct Thermal60 mm/sec80203 dpi38.06 mmSerial, IrDA Ver1.0, Bluetooth0°C to +50°CWin XP, Vista, 7107.4 x 88.5 x 46.1Datasheet
WoosimWSP-I350Direct Thermal120 mm/sec80203 dpi50.06 mmRS-232C , TTL, USB, Bluetooth, 802.11-10°C to +50°CWin XP, Vista, 7, WinCE, Lunix, Android OS, Blackberry iOS120 x 130.5 x 58.4Datasheet
WoosimADP400Serial Dot Matrix3 lines/sec76.2160 dpi76.2 RS-232C Serial , Centronics Parallel5°C to +40°CWindows162 x 282 x 138Datasheet
WoosimADP300Serial Dot Matrix4 lines/sec82.5203 dpi76.2.065 to .13 mmSerial, Centronics Parallel5°C to +40°CWin XP, WinCE, Vista, 2000, Linux, Android OS174.8 x 218.5 x 132.2Datasheet
ZebraiMZ320Direct Thermal102 mm/sec76.2203 dpi47.8.05 to .1 mmUSB, Bluetooth-10°C to +50°CWin XP, WinCE, NT, 2000, .NET, PocketPC,
WinMobile 2002, 2003SE, Android OS
80.77 x 135.6 x 57.4Datasheet
WoosimWTP-150Direct Thermal150 mm/sec82.5203 dpi83.06 to .09 mmSerial, Parallel, USB, Ethernet, 802. 11b5°C to +40°CEPSON Driver Compatible152 x 204 x 150Datasheet