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Epson manufactures an extensive line of Thermal and Impact (both serial dot and shuttle dot) printers that cover a wide range of user needs. Epson models range from compact, low-power units on the low end to powerful, heavy-duty units on the high end. Applications include Hand-held terminals, CAT/EFT, ATM/CD, and Kiosks.

Telpar and Epson

For over 30 years, Telpar has been an Authorized Master Distributor of Epson's complete line of thermal and impact printer mechanisms, controller boards and kiosk printers. Telpar distributes these products, plus offers an experienced sales team, printer and application consulting, engineering design and software services, and ongoing support.

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Telpar offers the following models:

Kiosk/Receipt Printers

  • EU-T300
  • EU-T400
  • EU-T500



Thermal Printer Mechanisms

Impact Printer Mechanisms

  • M-T100
  • M-T500


  • M-150
  • M-160
  • M-180
  • M-181
  • M-182
  • M-183
  • M-190
  • M-191
  • M-192
  • M-192G
  • M-200

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