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APS - Advanced Printing Systems

Established in 1995, Advanced Printing Systems (APS) specializes in design and manufacturing of OEM thermal printer mechanisms, controller boards and custom thermal printing solutions. APS is a global corporation with engineering, production and sales offices throughout Europe, Asia and the United States. APS is ISO 9001-2000 certified and RoHS compliant.

Telpar and APS

For over 8 years, Telpar has been an Authorized Master Distributor of APS's diverse product family of Mini, Flat, Compact, and Easy-Loading Printers, as well as Ultra Compact Bucket, Kiosk, Label Modules and Heavy Duty printers. These printing solutions are accompanied by APS's full line of accessories including power supplies, connection cables, integrated controller boards, RS-232 and Centronics interfaces, Windows and Linux drivers. Telpar distributes these products, plus offers an experienced sales team, printer and application consulting, engineering design and software services, and ongoing support.

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Telpar offers the following models:

Kiosk/Receipt Printers

Panel Mount Printers

  • KM290 HRS
  • KM324 HRS
  • EPM 203 HRS
  • EPM 207 HRS


Thermal Printer Mechanisms

  • CP205 HRS
  • CP205 MRS
  • CP290 HRS
  • CP290 MRS
  • CP295 MRS
  • CP305 MRS
  • CP324 HRS
  • CP324 MRS
  • CP405 MRS
  • CP424 HRS
  • CP424 MRS
  • EPM203 HRS
  • EPM203 MRS
  • EPM203 HS
  • EPM205 MRS
  • EPM207 HRS
  • EPM224 MRS
  • MP-105

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