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Printers Suited for Kiosk and Self-Service Applications
Telpar printer products are uniquely suited to Kiosk and Self-Service receipting or document generation applications. These printers are rugged, reliable and are popularly used by Kiosk manufacturers, medical equipment manufacturers, ATM manufacturers, gaming, petroleum equipment manufacturers and others.

The following comprises a small subset of customer applications.

WiseVillage Inc – Informational WiseStations for Retail Applications (PDF 22 KB)
WiseVillage Inc., Canadian manufacturer of WiseNav™ spatial navigation software and the WiseStation super kiosks, chose the Telpar Stealth Wide Format 8.5 inch MTP-2283i printer for use in all of their kiosks. Equipped with industry-leading features, including a 42" plasma screen, 19" interactive touch screen, debit and credit card reader, printer and on-board phone, WiseStations are geared towards big box stores, shopping malls, government organizations and others.

Kenosha Public Museum- Donation Kiosk Application (PDF 22 KB)
The Kenosha Public Museum in Wisconsin has a kiosk application for its donor program "Own a Stone! Buy a Boulder!" The kiosk application lets museum visitors make a contribution, select their stone, rock or boulder, and, if they wish, dedicate the rock in honor of or in memory of a loved one. The Telpar printer provides the document printouts in an easy to read format.

State of Virginia State Park – Outdoor Interactive Information System (PDF 25 KB)
The Virginia State Parks Interpretive Information System uses 31 outdoor, weather and vandal resistant, touch screen, interactive information kiosks to provide park guests with state park and local attractions information around the clock. The park guests have the ability to preview trails, amenities and print custom maps and guides showing points of interest and information tailored specifically to them using an Telpar MTP-2283i kiosk printer.

Outdoor Unattended Kiosk for Self-Service Storage Application- Kiosks by Ginko Systems (PDF 17 KB)
The Ginko Systems outdoor/weather resistant Positive ID Security kiosk unit and the INSOMNIAC software, allow customers secure access to: Rental Site availability, rent a storage unit, update account information, pay rental fees, buy tenant insurance. Rental prospects can view an set of videos, detailing site and unit availability, rental contracts, and other applicable information helping them complete their rental or other transactions, without rental unit operator assistance. Contract, receipts and site information are printed on a Telpar 8.5 inch width thermal printer, allowing customers to carry away easily read and informative information sheets.

State of Oregon Utilizes Employment Kiosks in 150 Locations (PDF 23 KB)
The State of Oregon implemented kiosks so that Citizens can go to the employment kiosks that are placed around the state and look for jobs, apply for unemployment, review their unemployment benefits, or even learn about daycare options. Cascade Computer Maintenance who implemented the project, selected Telpar printers because of their large rolls of paper that are easy to install, and not sacrificing printer quality. Cascade was also impressed with Telpar's ability to turn the project around quickly.

Typical Kiosk Applications Using Telpar Printers (PDF 53 KB)
Telpar has implemented many kiosk applications. The attached datasheet highlights a few including: Wayfinding, HR Resource kiosk, informational kiosk, Map and directions printing kiosk, wedding and baby registry kiosks, large paper roll applications, outside unattended applications and more.

Telpar takes a consultative approach to each customer’s requirements, working with them to customize a solution that could include product design, prototyping, manufacturing and support. Gain a competitive advantage with Telpar’s printers. Contact Us today.