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Manufacturing Services
Building Solutions to Your Specifications
With our 30 years of manufacturing experience we can help you design and manufacture your custom printer project. We do contract manufacturing of mechanical & electronic printer products. To meet a broad range of customer needs, Telpar offers a variety of levels of assembly, from the most basic requirements to more complex operations in low, medium or high volumes as required.

Our capabilities include:

Assembly Services
Our assembly services can save you valuable time and manpower. We provide a fast turnaround and on-time delivery, eliminating the need for additional staff to perform these tasks internally. To meet a broad range of customer needs. Our work force consists of trained assembly workers and highly skilled technicians, each trained to read and interpret complex engineering drawings and assembly instructions.
Let Telpar design and build your printer product, based upon your specifications and design parameters. Our engineering design group can design products and systems and our assembly operations can produce them for you.

Kit Preparation
Telpar can build a kit for you from your list of component parts.

Quality Assurance
Telpar provides documentation for every procedure, every process. Our quality assurance department inspects, monitors and verifies all aspects of design, procurement, assembly and testing processes.

Let our experienced staff enable you to achieve the results your business requires. Contact us.

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